Cloth Promotions Plus
ASI #45513

Clothpromotions Plus® is a family-owned and operated company that has worked for nearly 20 years perfecting our domestically produced microfiber products. Our luxurious, proprietary line of microfiber, Opper Fiber®, is a USA registered trademark and is the premier microfiber cleaning and polishing cloth. 

Opper Fiber® is made of the highest quality materials and has properties that result in stunningly vibrant and sharp imprints. Opper Fiber® is also the benchmark against which all other microfiber is measured.

Our creative teams are available to manage any and every one of your microfiber marketing needs. Clothpromotions Plus® introduced a fresh way to brand and market on a universally useful product. This revolutionary approach to marketing with microfiber has left a direct impact that can be seen throughout the promotional products and marketing industries.

Cutting edge thinking, a diverse internal group, and taking chances has allowed us to develop amazingly useful products along with the proprietary technologies that produce them. Clothpromotions Plus® has developed and continues to perfect our full-color process, TrueColor™.

Clothpromotions Plus®, providing useful solutions and everyday innovations™ for an ever-evolving world.

Quality. Consistency. Customization. Power Branding™